A downloadable game for Windows

September 2019 Update Notes:

  • Added Optional Interactive Combat Tutorial
  • General AI Fixing and behavioral updates
  • Ur-wolf refinement
  • Boss behavioral fixes

The Gristmill is a tactical strategy card game with light roguelike and deckbuilding elements from the Several People development team. Venture outside your fort's walls and do battle with unknown monsters, learning about how they function and adapting strategies to defeat them. Players will need to protect their camp, as any monster that reaches it will hurt the player’s units, and if all the units die the player loses. As the party ventures deeper into the woods, they’ll face stronger challenges and eventually do combat against a massive creature.


  • RPI 2019 Gamesfest Technical Excellence 
  • BostonFIG 2019 Best Student Game
  • BostonFIG 2019 Best in Show

Install instructions

Unzip and extract the downloaded folder to run The Gristmill using the "The Gristmill" executable.


TheGristmill_SeptemberBuild.zip 84 MB


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That snail has a *lot* of health.  It eventually died, but I don't know how to continue the game from there.  Is that the end?